Meet Leonardo

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Last month, we welcomed Leonardo the English Bulldog into our little family! When we got him, he was eight weeks old and weighed 4.5 pounds. He flew into Dulles Airport from Texas where the breeder is located. He was by far the smallest puppy that I have ever seen. Our first night at home with him, he was running around and playing and causing trouble. As you can imagine, none of us got any sleep. The next day he became extremely sick so we had to take him to the vet. They ran some tests but weren’t able to tell us what was wrong with him. We also noticed that one of his eyes was swollen shut. The vet told us that he had a scratch on his eye and could lose his sight. Obviously, this was all very scary.

That was a tough first week having to constantly monitor him, making lots of regular vet and emergency vet visits, giving him pills and eye ointment every couple of hours and feeding him baby food with a syringe. There was also a lot of cuddling involved. He slept right next to me every night. Well miraculously, he pulled through all of it. We still don’t know what was wrong with him. We think that it was mostly caused by all of the stress from traveling and adjusting to a new environment, but we’re not 100% sure.

Now he’s almost 4 months old, weighs 10 pounds and is perfectly healthy. He’s a chunky little baby with a BIG attitude and his own agenda. His favorite things to do are eat anything that can fit into his mouth, bite our feet and sleep. He’s a lot of fun and terribly cute although sometimes he can be a little monster. Last week, Lelia of Lelia Marie Photography and I went to the park and tried to get some pictures of Leo before he gets any bigger. Well, let’s just say that it wasn’t easy. Here are some of the pictures that she was able to get of our grumpy little man!

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